Alternative Care for Unaccompanied Minors seeking asylum in Europe / prevention of disapppearances

Date and time: 22 february 2:00–3:30 pm CET Stockholm time
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Speaker / organizer: Martin Rozumek, Organisation for Aid to Refugees (OPU), Czech Republic
Type: Workshop
About: In this workshop we would like to discuss suitable options of care for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in our countries. In Central Europe, usually an institutional state care in larger Children Homes is offered to children and young people seeking asylum without their parents or relatives, this despite the fact that some alternative care would be a better option for them. We would like to introduce our experiences with alternative care, explain our experiences with institutional state care and try to find ways of preventing or tracking the disappearances of unaccompanied minors between the age of 14 to 17 years. The main focus will be on the group of young Afghan boys travelling through Europe to reach their final destination countries.
Language: English
More information: Read more on website, or Facebook @organizacepropomocuprchlikum