Panel discussion

How is solidarity constructed in practice? Supporting asylum seekers from grassroots engagements to European level politics

Date and time: 22 February, 2:00 pm CET Stockholm time (90 min)
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Speaker / organizer: Ms Ulla Siirto and Mr Timo Keskitalo Finnish Ecumenical Council,
Ms Sanna Valtonen Turvapaikanhakijoiden Tukiry (Tutu)/ Support for asylum seekers,
Ms Tuija Samila, pastor from Olari parish, Espoo.
Type: Panel discussion
Ulla, Timo and Sanna have long term experience of influencing the public opinion and are part of progress of hearing NGO’s for new migration law in the Ministry of Interior.
The panel discussion will focus on four key issues:
1. Helping individuals in our communities, and being welcoming communities for people on the move.
2. Scaling solutions to a wider number of cases – it takes persistence of volunteers and creativity to find solutions.
3. Sharing solutions with helpers, with media and decision-makers. Small things are goals for reaching bigger objectives in the legislation.
4. Blessing individuals with good outcomes.
Language: English
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