My Five best Advice – for Succeeding with Social Innovations

“How to adapt social innovation model so you can receive external funding and build cross-sectional collaboration”

Date and time: 21 February 1:15 pm CET Stockholm time (30 min)
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Speaker / organizer: Aida Moayedzadeh
Type: Lecture
About: Social innovations focus on solving societal challenges. It is harder to measure social impact and societal cost of different challenges and therefore it becomes harder to get funding for intangible outcome before it is executed. Since we can’t measure the impact, we can not communicate the value. This is one of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to collaborations.
Challenge driven social innovations are relevant for many different actors in our society. However we often miss the effective tools, measurements and common grounds to hook for collaborations and fundings.
The intersection between different sectors and societal challenges is where all opportunities lay.
Do you know how to communicate your case? Do you know how to build a common ground?
My academic background is in “Business design, technology entrepreneurship”. I have worked with funding and social innovations in Swedish churches since January 2015. I have practical experience of getting funding from Swedish innovation institute for challenge driven social innovation and have worked internally with improving organizational structures for external funding and innovative collaborations.
During this session I share my most effective advice on how to “reframe” your solutions, so you have the highest possibility of getting funding for execution or collaboration.
Language: English
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