Seeking Conviviality – Concept for a Diaconal Church

Date and time: 23 February 1:15 pm CET Stockholm time (60 min)
Register / Join event: Click here to join on Zoom, Meeting ID: 864 0398 0974 -, Passcode: 851987
Speaker / organizer: Hanne Wilzing and Team (Lutheran Diaconia, Amsterdam and Augustanahof)
Type: Workshop
About: Augustana Church to Augustanahof: Urban neighbourhoods become more diverse, and membership of traditional churches is declining. Augustanahof in Amsterdam presents an innovative approach. An urban church building was transformed to house a living community committed of people which is open to the neighbourhood. The European process, ‘Seeking Conviviality’ supports this new approach to working with diversity based on the concept of a diaconal church which is open to the diversity of the local place.
Language: English
More information: Stories from the Conviviality process, with reflections can be accessed here.
You can read about the Augustanahof project in Story Book 1 and see a short video here.