Storytelling as a tool for dialogue – methods and examples

Date and time: 22 february 3:00–4:30 pm CET Stockholm time
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Speaker / organizer: Young people from different religious backgrounds from “Together for Sweden”
Type: Workshop
About: The session begins with an introduction to what Together for Sweden is and how the project started. Then we go through “Safe space”; rules of conduct to create a “safe space” where the goal is for everyone to feel comfortable in participating in discussions, asking questions and sharing thoughts and comments. When all participants have approved the concept of “Safe space”, the main part, Storytelling, begins.
Storytelling means that our leaders share their personal stories about what it is like to live and grow up in Sweden with different religious identities and cultural traditions. After the storytelling performances, we use our dialogue method “CLICK”.
We end the session with a positive encouragement to the students to take in what has been discussed, to respect our differences and to be helped to stand up for each other. Respecting others and committing to a better world is something that everyone can do!
Language:  English
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