Bottom up democracy: Refugee Power through Dialogue with Decision Makers

Date and time: 21 February 6:00 pm CET (45 min)
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Speaker / organizer: Diocese of Lund, Lara Myro (Syrian refugee. Bridge builder in diocese of Lund), Karwan Tofik (Kurd refugee from Iraq. Works with refugees in diocese of Lund), Johannes Jörgensen (Project manager diocese of Lund)
Type: Workshop
About: Karwan and Johannes, our work model: Nothing About Us Without Us– A model for direct contact between politicians and refugees. Step 1: Refugees write political proposals: Problem-causes-effects-proposal for solution or improvement-presentation of personal experience. Step 2: Meeting with politicians at regional, national and EU-level. Lara: Personal experience from dialogue meeting on EU and national level. Examples of political proposals presented to politicians. Dialogue. Open dialogue with participants.
Language: English