More than numbers and statistics – Creative ways of doing research with migrants

Date and time: 22 February 5 pm CET / Stockholm time (90 min)
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Speaker: Maartje van der Woude, Helena Schmidt, Cecilia Nahnfeldt Chair: Kaia Rønsdal
Type: Seminar
About: Public discourse on migration often relates to specific research, mainly on numbers and statistics. It is important to monitor peoples’ movements, but in the process people become one-dimensional things rather than humans. Migrants are fellow human beings that love, have interests, joys, sorrows, families, etc. Researchers in different disciplines are developing new ways of doing research among migrants, by using artistic expressions, music, food, eating together, and more. In this workshop, three researchers will present and discuss their research related to migration.
Language: English
More information: Read about Maartjes van der Woude, Helena Schmidt,  Cecilia Nahnfeldt and Kaia Rønsdal on their webpages.