Religions for Peace – how can local actors make use of being members?

Date and time: 22 February 6:00–6:45 pm CET Stockholm time
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Speaker / organizer: Prof Mark Owen, Dr Luigi De Salvia and Dr Shahram Mansoory
Type: Seminar
About: In this seminar Professor  Mark Owen, Director Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace and General Secretary of the Religions for Peace in Europe, Dr Luigi De Salvia, President of ENIB Co-Committee of Religions for Peace Europe and Dr Shahram Mansoory, secretary of the Swedish Interreligious Council (SIR) will share some insights on:

  • What is Religions for Peace?
  • How can local interreligious councils make use of Religions for Peace?
  • Some examples from local contexts in Europe.

Language: English
More information: Click to read more on websites: Religions for Peace (, Sveriges interreligiösa råd | Sveriges interreligiösa råd (