Under the Same Sky – Under Samma Himmel  

Date and time: 21 February 7:00 pm CET Stockholm time (60 min)
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Speaker / organizer: Linda Wahl – teacher and leader of the program, Henrik Frykberg
Type: Workshop
About: Under the Same Sky is a 17 weeks (1 hour a week) interfaith course for good relations in schools. During the course, 15 year old students (grade 8) meet young adults with different religious backgrounds and listen to stories from their lives. In listening and processing their stories, the students are helped to discern what separates and unites them from others, as well as reflect on how they can create good relationships and thus mature in responsibility for each other. The purpose of “Under the Same Sky” is to, based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, work long-term against all forms of oppression, for increased understanding between people and an improved social environment in schools.
Language: English
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