Film screening

Can Art Be a Way of Keeping Our Humanity?

Date and time: The film and pre-recorded conversation can be seen anytime
Watch: Click to watch the film and the conversation in English
(Subtitled versions in English and Swedish to be added)
Organizer: Psychologist and textile artist Anna Olsson together with Zuzana Weberová, community manager in Milan Šimečka Foundation, Slovakia
Moderator: Dag Tuvelius, communication officer working with Church of Sweden
Type: Film screening and pre-recorded seminar
About: Can art be a way of keeping our humanity? Can it open other ways to tell stories, to make us see beyond headlines and daily news?
Anna Olsson is a Swedish textile artist, who also works as a psychologist with children who has come as refugees to Sweden. One of her works, You are valuable to me, is nine woven images based on selfies sent from boys on the run. Zuzana Weberova is working in Slovak NGO Milan Šimečka Foundation, using art and cultural activities as a way to engage, include and debate migration and life of migrant communities in Slovakia.
Language: English
More information: More information will be added