A World of Neighbours Update July

July 12, 2023
By admin

It’s summer, and we hope all find time to rest. The world needs us with an open mind and soul. And for that, we have to practice the sometimes difficult art of resting. Now, after we had our rest, there will be lots to do with AWoN. Learn more, and don’t miss out on the events after the summer break.

©Mária Takács

autum home groups

for practitioners

Time: 4 sessions x 90 min. (1 session per month) Peer-talks.
Duration: 13 weeks, starting end September
Registration deadline: Aug 27

Home Groups are the core of our network, interconnecting the network for support, learning and co-working. At the Annual Meeting, we all realised that this is one thing we all need from each other – to invest time to connect personally, professionally and sometimes also spiritually – that’s why home groups matter so much.

AWoN members build inclusivity, hope and future together. One heart at a time and against all odds.

Do you want to know more? Send us an email: contact@aworldofneighbours.org

Dialogues in Auschwitz and beyond

for practitioners

Location: The Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim, Poland
Dates: Nov 24– Nov  28, 2023
Registration deadline: July 20

Limited number of participants (about 20)

This Learning & Exchange is a unique get-together in Poland, including a visit to Auschwitz, lectures and difficult and inspiring dialogues. The program for this event has been collaboratively designed with Manfred Deselaers, a German Catholic priest who has dedicated his life’s work to the pursuit of dialogue and Polish-German and Christian-Jewish reconciliation.

Throughout these days together, we will be joined by individuals from “the other side” regarding the topic of migration in Europe.

Do you want to know more? Send us an email: contact@aworldofneighbours.org

Do Language Cafés help and if so, how?

online public event

People sitting around a table talking and having coffee.
©Johannes Frandsen/Ikon

Date: 17 Oct, 7 – 8.30 PM, CET
Duration: 90 min, online Google Meet
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In this Learning & Exchange we will dive into the issue of language cafés and learn from best practice how it is done, trials and errors, success and potential developments.

We will hear from Majbritt Lyck-Bowen who is developing a research study on language cafés. She will give us a broad understanding of what data she has collected up till now, what conclusions can be drawn to what’s useful and essential and present the participatory part of the project and how practitioners may be involved.

Some of our practitioners will each give us short pitches on their experiences. We finish with time for questions and discussions.

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