A Week of Neighbours coming closer

February 8, 2022
By Magdalena Wernefeldt

A manifestation for humanity. Archbishop Antje Jackelén, Church of Sweden, invites you to a digital meeting, A Week of Neighbours, February 20-24. The theme of the meeting is “Keeping our humanity” and will highlight the work of practitioners and receiving communities in Europe with and for people on the move.

Opening event

A Week of Neighbours begins at 6.00 pm on Sunday, February 20. The opening remarks by Archbishop Jackelén is followed by the first Dirk Ficca Memorial Lecture, held by Itamar Mann, professor and human rights lawyer. Dirk Ficca was a leading voice for interfaith collaboration and for many years a close friend and senior advisor to Archbishop Antje Jackelén and A World of Neighbours. From the Greek island Lesbos, Rouddy Kimpioka will perform his version of Bob Marleys song One Day.

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Some fifty program items

Monday to Thursday, lunch prayer is held at 13.00, followed by lectures, panel debates, workshops and film screenings. The program items are arranged by many different organizers in Europe.

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Closing event livestreamed from Stockholm

The Archbishop’s meeting ends on Thursday 24 February with Keeping our Humanity Live, a 90-minute studio program broadcasted on A Week of Neighbours web, on Facebook and YouTube. Archbishop Antje Jackelén is the host and the program is moderated by the Swedish tv-personality Thabo Motsieloa.

There will be conversations with guests in the studio – Anna Alboth, an activist from the Polish network Grupa Granica, Amjid Khazir, the Director of Media Cultured in UK, pastor Márta Bolba from Hungary and researchers Ulrich Schmiedel and Vanessa Barker. Video reports from Greece, France, Germany, Poland and Sweden will be screened.

The Swedish Yemeni singer Amena Alsameai will perform together with percussionist Jonas Sjöblom and keyboardist Josef Sjöblom.

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