Core practitioners

here to change the world

A World of Neighbours is a community of practice, with, for and by migration practitioners. The Core Practitioners run the network in service to the community.

At the heart of our community are 60 experienced and well-connected frontline migration practitioners. They were the OGs, the initial recruits for the AWoN practitioner program pilot.

Our Core Practitioners are scattered all over Europe, bringing in a mix of backgrounds from different faiths – non-faith, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Some have been through migration themselves, while others haven’t. The Core Practitioners work from diverse platforms in faith-based organisations, grassroots organisations, faith institutions, in media and the public sector, in academic entities, or independently.

The whole point of having this core group is to build strong bonds between practitioners committed to building, cultivating, and sustaining the AWoN community of practice – and to change the world.

core practitioner qualifications

Core Practitioners are:
• Currently working in the field as a practitioner of accompaniment or social cohesion
• Demonstrated ability and experience in the support of practitioners in the field
• Demonstrated ability and experience in networking
• Clear alignment of current work with the mission and work of A World of Neighbours.

Note! We are developing the concept, program and contract around Core Practitioners and will start recruiting in the spring of 2024.  You can always drop us a line if you want to know more:

Core practitioner responsibilities

the office and board

At our annual gathering, core practitioners from our community step up to elect a board and the AWoN director, who’ll lead us for the next two years. This board, working on a volunteer basis, is all about setting our priorities straight and making sure these goals shine through in all we do year-round.

Day-to-day, our work is handled by the “office”, led by the director and supported by part-time core practitioners. Since AWoN doesn’t have a physical spot, our HQ is Google Meet. As long as there’s internet, we’re good to go!

See who’s on the board!
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home groups

Core practitioners are responsible for the AWoN Home Groups, a 13 week program that run twice a year. Each group has about 10 members, including both old-timers and newcomers from the AWoN community. Each round of Home Groups has a new mix of people.

Home groups meet online once a month as a group, and participants also have one-on-one calls with each other in between. These personal calls help strengthen connections within the network, while the group meetings focus on sharing visions, best practices, and supporting each other.

On average, participants spend about 5 hours per month on their Home Group activities.

AWoN Connect – our very own Linkedin

Right from the start, we’ve known from ourselves, the need of migrations practitioners to easily connect with others in a specific field or country. The core practitioners at A World of Neighbours work with development in different areas. Some have been busy creating our very own app, AWoN Connect – think of it as our own ‘LinkedIn.’

We’re launching the first version in 2024. It won’t just help us connect; it’ll also let us access info, share links, and recommendations. Plus, there’ll be a special section for grants and funds for all of us to tap into. Access to AWoN Connect will be by invitation only.

AWoN Summit

Our summit is that one special time of the year when AWoN practitioners get to meet face to face. It’s more than just a meeting; it’s a celebration, a retreat, and a safe space for all of us. It’s a chance to learn and swap ideas on the ground, with workshops and trips to see what local practitioners are up to.

During the summit our formal annual general meeting is held where members to our boards are elected, and the priorities for the coming years are discussed. The AGM is the highest decision-making body.