Dirk Ficca Memorial Fund

A World of Neighbours Practitioner Network owes its existence to the passion and innovative thinking of Dirk Ficca (1955 – 2021). His focus all along was the practitioners – the people working directly with and for refugees and migrants.

Lynda Ficca, Dirk’s wife, has asked AWoN to honor Dirk by continuing to do good work “and always to choose kindness and diplomacy over hate and divisiveness”. The family requested that those who wish to give charity in Dirk’s memory donate to AWoN Practitioner Network, whose work was close to Dirk’s heart.


help us bring dirk’s vision to fruition

Dirk fully supported the idea to establish a hub that would provide practitioners with what
they need to continue their work regardless of the myriad challenges they face. His ambition was for AWoN to develop a fund to support their work without the administrative burdens.

This way, resources could be offered directly to individuals who need them; people who work tirelessly with little or no compensation.

Three levels of financial support:

1. The Dirk Ficca Practitioner Honor – in support of exceptional work (such as people
currently volunteering on the Poland/Belarus border)
2. Dirk Ficca Project Grants – small grants (between 300€ – 1000€) for collaborations
between Network Practitioners.
3. The Dirk Ficca Fellowship –annual stipends for 20% of their time for individual
practitioners in need. Dirk hoped that AWoN would eventually be able to support 20 people
this way.


Thanks for your support. Thanks to Rebecca Lillian and Zachary Gallant for  organizing this fundraiser.