Intentional Destruction of Refugees Mobiles Put Lives at Risk

December 10, 2021
By Karol Wilczyński

People volunteering for the Salam Lab Crisis Intervention Point are ready to operate 24 hours a day to help people trapped at the Belarus-Poland border. This time the information about a group of nine persons came at five in the morning.

Photo by Piotr Stramowski
The Syrians from Damascus needed urgent medical intervention. One of the persons vomited blood and complained of chest pain.
We provided the necessary help; warm clothes, food and clean water, heaters, power banks, warm soup and – as always – super sweet tea.
After a while, that their mobile phones had been destroyed by Polish services, which was emphasized by the people we were helping . Screens and charger inputs had been destroyed with a screwdriver.
Refugees in the woods between Poland and Belarus.
Photo by Piotr Stramowski
Destroying the cameras in winter conditions and taking them to the forest may be tantamount to death. How would people call for help without a working phone? How would they find their way in the dark forest?
The members of the group also stressed several times that they had fallen victim to physical violence by both Belarusian and Polish services.
Salam Lab operates on the borderland as part of Grupa Granica.
Photo by Piotr Stramowski 
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