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A World of Neighbours is the only multi-faith, cross-sectoral network of migration practitioners of its size in Europe.

Are you engaged in supporting the lives and rights of people on the move? Perhaps you’re involved in local reception efforts, providing legal advice, or planning advocacy campaigns and interventions at EU borders. AWoN connects migration practitioners like yourself from diverse organisations, countries and contexts. Together we form a community of practice.

Our vision is a world of neighbours.

We believe the faith communities have a special responsibility to cooperate in keeping our humanity, keeping peace and fostering a socially cohesive Europe. We can only do this if we lead by example – by practicing convivence. People like you have a crucial role in shaping the future of Europe. That’s why we want you to be part of our community of practice.

Our aim is to empower migration practitioners and meet your needs.

  • We make it easy to share resources and know-how. We create a space for developing new models of multi-faith collaborations and encounters through praxis, and being a community we amplify the position and voice of practitioners.
  • With a well developed model for peer to peer support, opportunities for training and space for brave conversations and reflection, AWoN community of practice increase the well-being and decrease the risk of compassion fatigue and burn-out among migration practitioners.

This is our offer to you

home groups

AWoN Home Groups run for 15 weeks, twice a year. Each group has about 10 members, including both old-timers and newcomers from the AWoN community. Each round of Home Groups has a new mix of people.

Home Groups meet online 4-6 times as a group, and participants also have one-on-one calls with each other in between. These personal calls help strengthen connections within the network, while the group meetings focus on sharing visions, best practices, and supporting each other.

On average, participants spend about 5 hours per month on their Home Group activities.

Home groups are mandatory to the AWoN Team Members. Team members are in charge of planning and running the Home Groups.

Learn more about Core Practitioners!

learning and exchange

The AWoN community boasts extensive professional experience, with members possessing substantial knowledge in their respective fields. Additionally, A World of Neighbours has a dedicated team of researchers who work independently yet maintain close collaboration with the pracitioners. We organise 8-10 webinars per year, open to the public, which shine spotlight on practitioners, best practices, research, and AWoN principles and ideas.

awon connect

Right from the start, we’ve know the need of practitioners working with people on the move to easily connect with others in a specific field or country. We’ve been busy creating our very own app, AWoN Connect – think of it as our own ‘LinkedIn.’

We’re launching the first version in 2024. It won’t just help us connect; it will also let us access info, share links, and recommendations. Plus, there’ll be a special section for grants and funds for all of us to tap into. Access to AWoN Connect will be by invitation only. Thank you, Lund University for sponsoring the development of the app!


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A World of Neighbours is open to all migration practitioners working with people on the move and receiving communities and to people working with issues related to migration. Write to us if you want to sign up for our newsletter or if you want to set up a time for a call.