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A World of Neighbours’ mission is to empower practitioners through maintaining an interreligious and cross-sectoral, peer-to-peer support network of practitioners. A World of Neighbours fosters a community of practice among those working on the front lines of accompaniment of people on the move, and social cohesion.

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A European perspective to the UK’s asylum and migration context

Learning & Exchange

Date: 18 Dec, 6 pm GMT (7 pm CET)
Duration: 90 min
Organisers: Canterbury Diocese’s Refugee Programmes Team, in friendship with AWoN and the Church of England’s National Home Affairs Team

Together with The Right Reverend Paul Butler Bishop of Durham, we will reflect on the implications and opportunities offered by the Illegal Migration Act for those in need of international protection. The webinar highlights the active role that the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) faith communities and civil society can play, within the Safe and Legal routes framework in the UK. It affords a unique platform to look afresh at the UK’s forced migration context with European colleagues from the AWoN network and colleagues working in France.

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