Migration Practitioners are the key to a common European future. We will invest in them.

A World of Neighbours is a the only cross-sectoral peer-to-peer European network of migration practitioners from diverse religious backgrounds as well as no religious affiliation. The network serves as a multi-focal, interactive forum for professional and personal development. 

A World of Neighbours Methodology

The AWoN methodology engages practitioners as agents for change, inspiring attitudinal changes, targeting faith-based and host communities as hubs for encounter. Concretely, the methodology revolves around the following key elements:

Employing a participatory approach by recruiting and training practitioners with and without a migrant background in leading on the design and implementation of activities/tool development;

Employing an asset-based approach which builds on the power of existing institutions, initiatives, models and structures. The AWoN methodology affirms the dignity and equality of every person, its practitioners and their sponsoring institutions (often their employers, e.g., humanitarian NGOs, local governments, and faith groups). The latter are active and creative partners with local networks, relevant for tapping all available resources for their migrant clients;

Nurturing a social infrastructure by identifying, enlisting, and mobilising the people who share this common vision including refugees, migrants, practitioners, activists, local authorities, faith communities, host communities and those responsible for migrant inclusion, as well as policy makers, journalists, and media.

what we dream of

We pursue justice, envisioning a world where all people can live together peacefully.

We are guided by a vision for convivence that enables mutual transformation in dignity and diversity. Mutual transformation between people who are and people who are not on the move is the foundation for any authentic friendship.

We work together with religious and non-religious organizations for spiritual and social sustainability inside and outside Europe. Starting on a small scale, we want to change the world. The world needs it.

Achieved in 2022–2023

Practitioner Support 

  • Annual Meeting (4 days, 44 attendants)
  • Public Online Learning & Exchange Events
  • Two Home Group Series (Fall/Spring), 56 participants
  • 20 Group sessions
  • +/- 250 personal sessions (one on one)


AWoN Research

  • Focus groups and interview sessions with AWoN pracitioners, resulting in 1) guidelines 2) role of religion 3) brave spaces
  • Book on AWoN methods, background and best practices, to be released early 2024.
  • Research and input on methods and impact (language cafe’s, interreligious praxis and more).


Incorporation of the Foundation

  • Statutes
  • Bank Accounts
  • Accountancy
  • Codes on religion, brave spaces, network guidelines, child protection, gender equality
  • Core Story



  • CERV Grant Proposal
  • Fundraising Group
  • Fundraising goals and plans
  • Dirk Ficca Memorial Fund
  • Grant for AWoN Connect
  • Grant for Communication



  • Storytelling in all our channels
  • Google Workspace set up for practitioner collaboration
  • Awareness and Fundraising