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A World of Neighbours’ mission is to empower practitioners through maintaining an interreligious and cross-sectoral, peer-to-peer support network of practitioners. A World of Neighbours fosters a community of practice among those working on the front lines of accompaniment of people on the move, and social cohesion.

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Learning & Exchange

Spotlight Conviviality

In this event, we will shine a spotlight on conviviality. You’re likely familiar with concepts like integration, inclusion, and assimilation, which describe the processes and political ambitions involved when newcomers arrive in a community. A World of Neighbours is guided by the vision of conviviality – living together in a diverse and welcoming society. Join us for a discussion where we will delve into the meaning of conviviality and explore the outcomes of embracing a convivial life.

Date: March 7
Time: 19.30 CET

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