Launching May 7 – Living as Neighbours podcast

April 29, 2024
By Magdalena Wernefeldt

Join the online launch event of “Living as Neighbours”. A podcast about ordinary people doing ordinary and sometimes extraordinary work to support vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers stranded on some of Europe’s borders.

©Rikko Voorberg

– What would you do if a complete stranger knocked on your door and asked for your help? That is the question posed by Rikko Voorberg, dutch theologian, artist and director of the A World of Neighbours, in a new podcast which will be launched May 7.

Travels along the borders

Rikko Voorberg travelled along the eastern side of Europe, from the Greek island of Lesbos to Bosnia and the border between Poland and Belarus, talking to people who have responded to the needs of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers looking for safety and decent living conditions.

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Visting some of Europe’s borders, where migrants and asylum seekers are routinely turned back and treated like criminals, Voorberg speaks with people who have opened their doors and have provided help to people on the move.

Common humanity

Some of the people he meets have worked on the frontlines of emergencies, others are providing longer-term integration and support. All of them are driven by the sense of common humanity.

“To be human, in these situations, is not simple. It requires courage, practice and a lot of love,” Voorberg reflects. “At Europe’s borders, our values are put to the test and the comfort of our lives is challenged. Nothing can prepare you for these situations – or maybe something can. Listening to honest and raw testimonies from people that made the choice to be a neighbor to people in need.”

The first episode of the podcast will be launched on 7 May with a webinar featuring Voorberg and two of his interviewees who will share insights on the challenges and rewards of their experiences with people on the move. Episodes will be published weekly in the lead up to World Refugee Day on 20 June.

Join the launch event

Welcome to join the online launch of the Living as Neighbours Podcasts on Tuesday, 7 May 2024, 2PM (CEST) hosted by Lutheran World Federation.

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Living as neighbours–the border podcast

Living as neighbours – the border podcast is an initiative of the Lutheran World Federation in collaboration with A World of Neighbours. The eight-part series is a follow-up from the ‘Welcoming the Stranger, Living as Neighbors, Shaping the Future’ Conference, which took place in Geneva in June 2022, hosted by Lutheran World Federation.

The podcast project is supported by the German government through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

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