Questions and Answers about A Week of Neighbours

What is A Week of Neighbours?
A Week of Neighbours is a digital meeting that takes place February 20-24, 2022. The larger part of the programme is open to anyone. The summit is a manifestation of our aim to keep our humanity. A Week of Neighbours is an opportunity to listen and learn about different aspects of migration.
A Week of Neighbours is also an internal meeting for practitioners in the A World of Neighbours Network. During the summit, practitioners will discuss how to move from idea to collaborative action, in terms of interfaith cooperation for a humane, inclusive and socially cohesive Europe.

What will happen at A Week of Neighbours?
A Week of Neighbours will bring people in Europe together, who are involved in the migration issue in various ways. The program will include workshops, lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, lunch prayers and concerts.
The meeting has three parts:
1. Monday – Thursday in the mornings, practitioners within the network meet for internal processes.
2. Monday – Thursday in the afternoons and evenings the programme is open to everyone.
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3. On Thursday at 3.30 pm, a 90-minute live broadcast begins. It is called Keeping Our Humanity Live, and it is the “grand finale”. Archbishop Antje Jackelén is the host and the program is led by Thabo Motsieloa. There will also be live reports from Greece. Practioners from Poland, Hungary and Great Britain will be guests in the studio. Prerecorded videos from France, Germany, Sweden and the border zone between Belarus and Poland will be shown. The Swedish Idol participant Amena Alsameai will sing.
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Who participates in A Week of Neighbours?
Many different people and groups participate in A Week of Neighbours. What they have in common is that they work with and for refugees and migrants, for an inclusive and socially cohesive Europe in various ways.

Who can join A Week of Neighbours?
Everyone is welcome to participate in the afternoon and evening program. The mornings are for practitioners within the network and are not public.

Who organizes A Week of Neighbours?
The main organizer for A Week of Neighbors and for the live broadcast Keeping our Humanity Live is the program Interreligious Praxis for Peace – A World of Neighbours. Individual program items during the afternoons and evenings are organized by different actors from different parts of Europe.

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