Learning and Exchange on Language Cafés

What does research made so far say on the impact of language cafés and integration? Listen to Dr Majbritt Lyck-Bowen and three practitioners with in-depth and practical experience on the beauty and the challenges of working together on mutual integration.

Date: Tuesday, 17 October 7:00 – 8:30pm CET (Brussels)
Click Google Meet link to join: https://meet.google.com/pux-iten-fbw

The research perspective

Dr Majbritt Lyck-Bowen is developing a research study on language cafés. In this Learning & Exchange event organised together with Winchester Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace, Majbritt Lyck-Bowen will give us a broad understanding of what data she has collected up till now and what conclusions can be drawn to what’s useful and essential. She will present the participatory part of the project and how practitioners may be involved.

The practitioner perspective

Domenica Pecoraro is the Kent Refugee Programmes Manager in the diocese of Canterbury, UK, running several projects with the intent to create genuine long-term social bonds and plant seeds of belonging and love for their new neighbours. Domenica Pecoraro will focus on boundaries and power relations within the Conversation Café setting.

Petr Sobalík is a social worker and the Coordinator for the Door Project by Diaconia in the Czech Republic. The project is aimed at accompaniment and integration activities for migrant and refugee families and individuals. Peter Sobalík will speak on language cafés as  “talent pools”.

Lisa Hofverberg is a deacon in the Church of Sweden running welcoming programs and integration activities within the church and in close cooperation with the municipality, library, local schools and organisations. Lisa Hofverberg will describe how their community model improved the effect of their collective work and got state funding.


Domenica Pecoraro

Domenica Pecoraro

Refugee Programmes Manager, UK

Peter Sobalík

Peter Sobalík

Social worker, Chech Republic

Lisa Hofverberg

Lisa Hofverberg

Deacon, Sweden

Portrait of Majbritt Lyck-Bowen
Dr Majbritt Lyck-Bowen ©Johannes Rydinger

Dr Majbritt Lyck-Bowen

Dr Majbritt Lyck-Bowen is a Senior Lecturer in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in the Department of Social Sciences and a Research Fellow in the Centre for Religion, Reconciliation and Peace, at the University of Winchester, United Kingdom. She is programme leader for the MA in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding and the MA in Reconciliation.

Majbritt is currently managing a research project that focuses on the involvement of religious actors in the integration of migrants. This research project is based on case studies from Germany, Sweden and the UK.

She is one of researchers affiliated with the AWoN network, investigating what migration means at local and global levels. Read more about AWoN Research >>