ongoing projects

A World of Neighbours members work from diverse platforms across Europe in faith-based organisations, grassroots organisations, faith institutions, in public sector and academic entities, or work independently. Practitioners working with people on the move face isolation, disconnection, harassment and burn-out. AWoN brings them together, strengthens them personally, professionally and unites them in a common vision for a socially cohesive Europe.

Practitioner support projects

Home groups

A key element of AWoN practitioner support is the Home Groups, running for 15 weeks, twice a year. Each group has about 10 members, including both old-timers and newcomers from the AWoN community. Each round of Home Groups has a new mix of people.

Home Groups meet online 4-6 times as a group, and participants also have one-on-one calls with each other in between. While the group meetings focus on sharing visions, best practices, and exploring collaborations, the main focus of the personal call is to set aside time to bond and strengthen trust and connections within the network.

Learning & Exchange

Webinars and Help-My-Case Meetings serve as means for practitioners to reflect on and share/gain knowledge. Webinars cover topics relevant to the fields of migration and interreligious praxis, including research, policies, politics, and current societal developments. AWoN’s Research Team is a unique asset to our network and supports research-based practices.

The Annual Summit

A World of Neighbours meets in person once a year, rotating among different countries. In 2023, the gathering took place in Hungary, and in 2024, it will be held in Greece. It combines elements of a retreat, knowledge sharing, visits to local practitioners for support, and a formal annual meeting to elect board members and plan for the future. The event culminates with ‘A Seat at the Table,’ a public event featuring researchers, politicians, refugees, practitioners, and faith leaders. This results in a joint manifesto on a specific theme.

AWoN Connect Platform

Connections are paramount to our network. With support from the Lund University we creating our own platform, AWoN Connect, think of it as our own ‘LinkedIn’. Launching the first version in 2024, it won’t just help us connect; it will also let us access info, share links, and recommendations. Plus, there’ll be a special section for grants and funds for all of us to tap into.

Young AWoN

Young Europeans, some with refugee backgrounds and some without, are coming together from from various European countries and diverse backgrounds have taken the first steps to build a network to support each other in making cross-cultural and multi-religious connections.

Sustainablity and quality assurance projects

Network Expansion and National Networks

The future vision of A World of Neighbours involves a team of 60 practitioners representing all European countries and relevant border countries on the continent, all major religious groups and people with and without personal experience of being a refugee. This team will be on a contract with AWoN for three years to work together for a welcoming Europe, to support each other and to be the link between the European network and the national networks.
A World of Neighbours is open to all migration practitioners working with people on the move and receiving communities and to people working with issues related to migration. The team of 60 practitioners work for the benefit of all those working around migration in Europe.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Together with the AWoN Research Team, AWoN is working on gathering information about the needs and contributions of Practitioners, and on measuring and collecting data on the outcomes and impacts of the work done by AWoN Practitioners. Research shows that reflection on one’s own and others’ work gets lost due to the high workload, while it is essential for work and for funding.